GST – Money in or Money Out

2nd August , 2016 Posted Under - Blog

There is a popular trick for trading, and it goes like this:  “Buy on rumors and sell on news” The BJP Government has come to power and they are lobbying to get the GST Bill passed. This has had a major impact on the market and there’s a big hustle on the Dalal street ever since. […]


The Auto sector can outperform major Indices

20th June , 2016 Posted Under - Blog

The auto sector remains favor of the season major auto companies are trading with a positive bias and their 52 week high can be seen in coming few months. Post topping before major indices in the month of December 2015 and January 2016 there was significant correction in the sector weather it was two wheeler […]


How Does The Commodity Market Work?

7th June , 2016 Posted Under - Blog

Markets have become increasingly liberal and with cross border investments by retail investors the market was too overburdened for investments solely in stocks and indexes. Hence commodities were introduced on the year 1875 by the Bombay Cotton Trade Association. What is commodity market? Quite literally commodity market is a market for commodities. You can buy […]